The Russian King Of Rock&Roll


   Denis Mazhukov was born to play roots rock ‘n’ roll. He started playing at age six. In 1994, he and his band, the Off Beat, began playing and soon appeared in the best nightclubs and most prestigious venues in Moscow. In 1997, Denis played with Chuck Berry at the International Film Festival in Moscow. He also opened for Jerry Lee Lewis. Lewis was quoted as saying, “Denis, you played just like I did when I was young.”
   Denis Mazhukov’s music takes timeless American classics from the ‘50s and ‘60s and adds a Russian flare for entertainment. He is a master at
Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry
songs, and audiences find themselves dancing and singing along. Mazhukov’s piano skills are mesmerizing, his voice is electrifying and his entertainment value is unrivaled.


09-09-2021 20:00

JAM CLUB  @  Москва, ул. Сретенка 11

11-09-2021 20:30

АКАДЕМ ДЖАЗ КЛУБ  @  Москва, ул. Арбат 38, с.1

15-09-2021 19:00

ММДМ, Театральный зал  @  Москва, Космодамианская наб. 52, с.8

17-09-2021 21:00

RHYTHM&BLUES CAFE,  @  Москва, пер. Староваганьковский 19, с.2

08-10-2021 21:00

RHYTHM&BLUES CAFE  @  Москва, пер. Староваганьковский 19, с.2

09-10-2021 20:30

Клуб СОЮЗ КОМПОЗИТОРОВ  @  Москва, Брюсов пер. 8/10, с.2

15-10-2021 20:30

АКАДЕМ ДЖАЗ КЛУБ  @  Москва, ул. Арбат 38, с.1

22-10-2021 21:00

RHYTHM&BLUES CAFE, Два Рояля  @  Москва, пер. Староваганьковский 19, с.2

21-10-2021 20:00

JAM CLUB  @  Москва, ул. Сретенка 11

29-10-2021 20:30

АКАДЕМ ДЖАЗ КЛУБ  @  Москва, ул. Арбат 38, с.1